Far Cry 4's take on asymmetric multiplayer has elephants, magic, and machine guns


These are the Battles of Kyrat

Far Cry4is the latest game to get in on the asymmetric multiplayer craze, something that’s seemingly inescapable from in games today. However, this one’s a bit more nuanced than the likes of Evolve‘s “four hunters take on a giant monster.”

As this video explains, in Far Cry 4, the two teams will have different means of attack. One side will be equipped with heavy arms and vehicles, while the other forces have a penchant for sneaking around and a mastery of animals. Oh yeah, and the stealthy guys also have magic on their side.

The different modes are also outlined, but they look to be slight spins on normal variants. There’s Outpost for attacking or defending outposts, Propaganda for putting up and destroying posters, and Demon Mask, which is just capture the flag.

Still, it looks fun to recklessly ride an elephant around until a mortar lands on your head.