Far Cry 5's last season pass DLC, 'Dead Living Zombies,' arrives later this month


The Living Dead, Girl

Far Cry 5 kicked off its wacky globe and time-trotting Season Pass with Vietnam, then traveled to Mars, and now it’s grounding itself back on Earth…sorta…with zombies.

The third part of the season pass (which may or may not be the end of DLC in general) arrives on August 28, and it’s called Dead Living Zombies. It’s framed as an adventure featuring a “D-tier” director named Guy Marvel, and has “seven different film scenarios” in tow with room for score attack concessions after they’re completed, and weapons/gear that translate back to the main campaign.

Oh, and “Title Update 10” is coming for everyone, which unlocks more map editor (Arcade) options. This type of content drop really reminds me of the good days ofSuper Mario Maker, when you’d wake up to find a cool new costume and a new iconic Mariohazard or item. RIP.

You can buy it piecemeal for $7.99 or as part of the $29.99 season pass, but give how up and down the DLC has been so far we recommend waiting for a review.