Fart on everyone and run away with Gassy Mob


Devolver Digital publishing, of course

Fart. Toot. Fluff. Pass gas. Flatulate. However polite you want to be while describing gas escaping from a butthole, it’s still a pretty impolite thing to do in public. Impolite and funny (to me). Like this classic gem:

  • Why do farts smell?
  • So deaf people can enjoy them too.

Devolver Digital announced the mobile title Gassy Mob, which tasks players with farting on unsuspecting bystanders, then running away from the now-enraged fartees.

Fittingly (fartingly), Devolver will be showing off Gassy Mob at PAX Prime later this month. Yes, you will be able to play a game about farting on a mob of people while doing the same in the real world. PROTIP: Fart while riding an escalator, so you maximize the number of victims, mechanically transported through your fart cloud with no escape.

Gassy Mob is expected to release later this year for iOS and in early 2016 for Android.