We're halfway through 2021, so what's your favorite game so far?


Meet me in the middle

We crossed over into July and are now past the halfway point of the year that is 2021. Congratulations! It’s been a year so far, and there are six more months ahead.

Of course, we’ve also had six months of games come out. We’ve floods and droughts, and a pretty wide variety of games, to be honest. Just within recent memory, there’s been anime (lots of anime), a remaster of a classic trilogy, a new addition to one of 2020’s big games, some rad indies, and a new Ratchet & Clank. Oh, and uh, a Tokyo Olympics tie-in game. Weird. And that’s not even counting earlier games like Hitman 3Returnal, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

This is usually the point in the year where I make a list and go back over everything: what I’ve played, what I beat, and what I still need to check out before we’re out of the summer and into another downpour of game releases.

So I figured, let’s open this up: what’s your favorite game so far this year? Call it the Game of the Half-Year. The GOTHYs. I’m trademarking that later.