Fe still looks delightful and now it's coming to Nintendo Switch


A Nordic forest platformer

Fe is one of those games whose name always escapes me, but as soon as I saw today’s trailer with the Electronic Arts logo, it came back to me. This is a platforming adventure title from Zombie Vikings and Stick it to The Man developer Zoink Games. It’s also an EA Original, similar to last year’s Unravel.

“Climb, glide, and dig your way through a dark Nordic forest to explore its living, breathing ecosystem – one filled with secrets, side quests, and mystical creatures,” reads an overview. “Master a diverse array of cries to befriend every animal or plant and have them help you on your journey. Each having uniquely distinct attributes, abilities and behaviors that will help you to unlock and traverse new areas of the forest.”

Fe was previously announced for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but it’s now also confirmed for Nintendo Switch, where it should do well. All four versions will launch early next year.