Feeding Good Dogs is all the rage in the Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrun community


People love this game so much they come up with new ways to play it

Every single time I come across a Zeldastory that’s worth writing, my eyes light up.

Zelda: Breath of the Wildis a continuing source of joy for me, whether it’s actually playing it going on three years now (March 3!), or by sharing experiences with others through the magic of speedrunning and video. I’ve witnessed countless new ways for people to play this game, and this method might be one of the most ingenious.

It’s called “All Dog Treasures” (similar to “All Shrines” runs and the like where players go for 100% completion rates in certain categories) and involves feeding every dog in the game in the fastest way possible (which includes the task of finishing Tarrey Town so a dog can appear). As you might notice the current king, Vivoxe, uses all manner of glitches (like the whistle trick and using bombs to propel-glide across the map). This is a legit speedrun in a completely original category.

As Polygon points out, the dog AI is rather fickle, as it doesn’t seem to be governed by perfect reason when it comes to actually eating the apples: throwing a wrench in the run on occasion. In all, it takes them an hour and 35 minutes (1:35:51.4), with a very finicky dog finishing the run up.

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