Fez is back with a Nintendo Switch version out today


It’s been nine years since Gomez hit the scene

Has it been long enough that you could go through Fez again with fresh eyes? I’m at that point and then some — it’s been years! The perspective-shifting platforming adventure is coming to Nintendo Switch… today! I love when they’re able to pull that off during Nintendo Directs and Indie World Showcases.

The Nintendo Switch version costs $14.99 and it takes up 1.3GB. It’s up on the eShop now, if you’re so inclined. During the launch window, there’s a 10 percent discount knocking the price down to $13.49.

More than the world and puzzles (which I dig), I’m tempted to play Fez again just to sink into Disasterpeace’s immaculate soundtrack. It’s some of my favorite chill-out video game music ever.