FIFA 20 demo lets you check out fun-looking Volta Football mode


Fast kicking, low-scoring, and ties? You got it!

If there’s one franchise that consistently rakes in the cash from players around the world, but particularly in the UK, it’s Electronic Arts’ football series FIFA. It seems like forever and an age ago since FIFA International Soccer launched on the Sega Mega Drive and SNES, but today – some 26 years later – the series is still a persistent ranker in the UK charts.

PS4, PC and Xbox One footie fans should boot up their system of choice today, as the next release in the series, FIFA 20, has just gotten a demo, which is available to download and play right now. The demo features a UEFA Champions League match – to let you get to grips with this year’s mechanics – and also includes a look at the new 3-on-3 “Volta Football” mode, which features arcade-style gameplay, custom rules and avatars, and 17 exciting venues, as showcased in the trailer below.

FIFA 20 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin on September 24.