Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash headed to Nintendo Switch in 2021


Niche fighter revised for new Nintendo release

Arika has announced that it is currently developing a Switch edition of its Street Fighter-adjacent scrapper Fighting EX Layer, which launched on PS4 and PC in 2018. Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is expected to launch on the Nintendo platform later in 2021.

While Arika is keeping information about the new title on the down-low for now, it revealed that Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is essentially a revised release of FEXL, that switches up some of the original game’s mechanics while adding new systems. Elements such as dashes and “Gougi” are gone entirely, replaced by new systems such as EX-Arrow and EX-Illusion. A brief trailer, which you can check out below, gives us a look at some of these systems in action. Arika will reveal more about the spin-off on April 1, four years to the day since Fighting EX Layer was first revealed. Arika also noted it is working on a new netcode system for both FEXL releases, based upon the popular rollback technology.

Fighting EX Layer climbed many a wall in order to see release, and as it stands is a competent and enjoyable fighting title. The original release was supported with numerous patches, extra modes, guest stars, and even free DLC characters. That Arika has been able to finance and develop a new edition of the game is a testament to the studio’s patience and passion within a crowded market. Here’s hoping it will pay off when Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash launches on Switch later this year.