Fighting EX Layer teases tech-headed warrior Area


Geek Chic

While perhaps not the most popular fighter on the block, Arika’s wild one-on-one title Fighting EX Layer has its own dedicated audience. Rightly so, given that it’s a very fun fighter. This week, fans got to check out FEXL‘s next potential roster addition, the brainiac engineer Area, in some new development footage.

I say “potential,” because it’s still not a sure thing that Area will be coming to FEXL at all. Arika has been playing most of its DLC, platform ports and other post-release activities by ear, and although work has clearly begun on creating Area, Akira President Akira Nishitani notes that her appearance on the roster isn’t fully confirmed as of yet.

Area, who first appeared in Street Fighter EX2 Plus, is the super-genius daughter of an already pretty smart inventor, who converts her father’s failed experiments into weaponry for use in battle. Speeding around on rollerblades, Area uses her speed to dash in and out of range, while laying in heavy-hitting strikes with her oversized mechanical arm. What a charmer.

Fighting EX Layer is available now on PS4 and PC,