Fill some gaps in your game library with Steam's Golden Week sale


Make the King proud

If your budget wasn’t totally wiped clean by the PlayStation Network Golden Week sale or you’re more in the market for PC deals, Steam has you covered as well. The Steam Golden Week sale is offering discounts on fighting and anime games, visual novels, RPGs, and oddballs like Katamari Damacy.

In no particular order, my eyes darted around the list of games and landed on Ace Combat 7 ($40.19), Dragon Ball FighterZ ($14.99), Catherine ($14.99), Tekken 7 ($19.99), Soulcalibur VI ($20.39), Steins;Gate ($11.99), Danganronpa ($7.99), Zero Escape ($9.99), Monster Hunter: World ($39.59), Nioh: Complete Edition ($24.99), Resident Evil 2 ($39.59), Bayonetta ($4.99), and Shenmue I & II ($14.99).

The sale includes long-running series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Ys, and Disgaea, too.

Steam Golden Week sale

More than anything, I’m in love with this adorable art. The onigiri is precious and I must protect it.

There’s a fair bit of overlap between PlayStation and Steam’s respective Golden Week sales, so poke around and see what jumps out at you. The latter promotion runs until May 6, 2019 at 10:00am Pacific.

Golden Week Sale 2019 [Steam] [Thanks, Uncle Arena Fighter]