Final Doom and Sigil being added to classic Doom console ports for free


As part of a larger WAD initiative

The recent Doom and Doom IIre-releases on modern consoles are about to get significantly bigger in a technically-unofficial-but-official-enough way. Bethesda is adding support for community-created WADsvia a curated add-ons menu, opening the door for all sorts of mods to join the official campaigns.

It’s starting with a couple that are endorsed by Bethesda (or at least endorsed by id Software). Final Doomand John Romero’s Sigilare coming to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One sometime soon. Both of them have interesting resting spots within the Doomcanon.

Final Doomis a two-campaign fan game that’s made up of “TnT: Evilution” and “The Plutonia Experiment.” It’s a Doom IImod that was eventually bought by id Software and sold commercially. (Sidebar: Final Doomwas my first PC shooter and I just learned a few years ago that it wasn’t actually an official Doomgame.)

Sigilis a recent creation by John Romero, and it’s yet another continuation of the original Doom. Sigilis the long-awaited fifth episode, after Ultimate Doom‘s “Thy Flesh Consumed” chapter expanded on the story back in 1995. This represents one of Romero’s newest works, as Sigiljust launched in May 2019.

Apart from WAD support (including Final Doomand Sigil), owners of the recent Doomor Doom IIports will get an option for a locked 60fps and aspect ratio options. Further, Doom IIowners are finally receiving the “No Rest for the Living” add-on that didn’t come bundled with the original version. Bethesda hasn’t yet dated this big free update, but notes that it’s coming “soon.”

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