Final Fantasy 16 producer says that the debut trailer's look wasn't final, will have a more 'polished' version eventually


It looked good to me

Sony kicked off their recent PS5 event right: with confirmation of Final Fantasy XVI. But it wasn’t just any old Square Enix trailer, though. It actually had gameplay! According to producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida, that was deliberate.

According to a new panel during TGS (translated by Twitter user Audrey), the team was “pressed for time” to make the trailer, but also wanted to ensure that it had in-game visuals. As a result, the team says that they couldn’t “fine-tune the graphics,” and will reveal a “more polished version” in the future.

Yoshi-P hints that the publisher wanted to avoid the backlash of just showing a shiny CG trailer and a logo: something Square Enix is notorious for. He even jokes that people would have said “see you in 2035!” if they had done that. I hear that!

I mean, I’m satisfied with what we got. I thought it was brutal and unique, yet familiar with the crystal and summon iconography. It did its job and I’m stoked to play the new entry, especially with Yoshida at the helm.

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