Nomura teases that the Final Fantasy VII Remake story might deal with 'another world'


Uh, what?

So we’ve gotten numerous and vague teases about where the overarching Final Fantasy VII Remake story could take us, but nothing substantial. That doesn’t change today!

But this quote from co-director and Kingdom Hearts boss Tetsuya Nomura from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Plus book (from Twitter user and all-around Final Fantasy VII Remake info star aitaikimochi)  is interesting nonetheless.

Spoilers for a minor character in the Final Fantasy VII Remake story below:

In the book, there’s a question asked about whether or not Jessie survived the events of the Final Fantasy VII Remake story.

In response, Toriyama writes: “Well, we do see Biggs alive in the ending scene since he’s physically shown. On the other hand, Jessie is not shown in the ending because we couldn’t save her…or that’s what you might think. If Biggs’ life can be saved by some miracle, then that means other members could be saved too. Perhaps Jessie might also be spared or not. However, an important theme of this story is “loss.” If all characters you see are able to survive in the future, then perhaps that would be a different world.”

Hmmmm! We’ve heard several hints of this parallel Final Fantasy VII Remake story universe approach before, and the end of the Yuffie DLC (which I won’t spoil here) furthers that theory. Speaking of that, the team apparently had a “hard time” figuring out what to do with the Yuffie DLC scene where Cloud and the gang were hanging out on the road, given that it wouldn’t involve any “harsh action scenes.” Eventually they decided to let the core group “let go of their worries, if only for a moment” to provide them with a respite before they head to their next destination. They specifically aimed to make their expressions convey a “lighthearted feeling” in this scene.

All this extra Remake insight is great, but I think most of us just want cold hard info on Part 2!