The Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will launch in February 2022


The last of the Pixel Remasters is taking some extra time

Five of the six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters have launched. And for the last one, Square Enix is confirming it needs a little more time. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will launch in February 2022.

Square Enix says that in order to bring the “best experience possible,” they’re allowing the extra necessary time to apply final polish while finishing up the sixth Pixel Remaster. With five Final Fantasies down, Final Fantasy VI remains the final Pixel Remaster to launch, and likely one of the most anticipated given the original’s place on so many best-of lists.

There are some extras coming too, though. New items are being added to the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster for those who pre-purchase it or pick up the bundle. These include some Timelapse remixes of songs like “Terra’s Theme” and some special wallpapers.

The Pixel Remasters have received a mixed reception, largely due to the font used in them. Though fixes and even a patch have been implemented, your mileage will vary; but hey, they’re also on PC, so mods are always an option.

As for the games themselves, well, the Final Fantasy VI is one of the big ones. Though there have been other ways to play it in the past, from console ports to its SNES Classic appearance, Final Fantasy VI is often heralded as one of the best in the series. And with the Steam Deck looming on the horizon, having a faithful pixel version playable on the go certainly has its appeal.

Hopefully we’ll have a firm launch date soon, as the month of February is looking pretty dang crowded at this point. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will be launching in the same month as Horizon Forbidden WestElden RingSifuDestiny 2‘s Witch Queen expansion, and more.