Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade hits PC next week (Update)


Cloud and gang arrive on the Epic Games Store

[Update: The store page is up and a home page ad for the game lists Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade as a $69.99 game. So those who want to pick this one up might want to start saving some pennies.]

If you’ve been holding out for Final Fantasy VII Remake to leave the PlayStation family, next week’s your shot. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will come to PC via the Epic Games Store next week on Dec. 16.

Announced during The Game Awards 2021, it looks like the Remake is only coming to Epic on PC for now. The Intergrade version of Final Fantasy VII Remake includes both the first part of the story and Yuffie’s extra content, alongside some graphical improvements. That means you’ll be able to get fully caught up with the current progress of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, all in one package. Check out the trailer below:

It’ll be interesting to see comparisons between the PlayStation version and what some high-end PCs can pump out of an already gorgeous video game. And Final Fantasy VII Remake is one heck of a video game, so it’s good that PC players will finally get the chance to check it out. Plus mods! Someone will probably turn Sephiroth into Thomas the Tank Engine or something, it’ll be great.

We’re still waiting on news for when Part II may surface, but until then, we’ll at least have a new platform to play the adventure on. And it’s not that far off, either. Looks like we’ll be able to ring in the holidays with another venture through Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade lands on PC through the Epic Games Store on Dec. 16, 2021.