Final Fantasy VII Remake is giving out more Butterfinger DLC items for free


Armor up

That lovely PS4 Tifa theme was the highest-profile reward for laying a finger on some Butterfingers, but it wasn’t the only digital goodie up for grabs, and it’s not the only one to get an eventual free release on the PlayStation Store. Square Enix is now giving out five minor DLC items in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Just follow those store links, add ’em to your cart, and download away. No candy needed.

If you’ve already been there and done that in Final Fantasy VII Remake, these armor pieces won’t do you much good, but it’s nice to have them just to have them. We like our stuff. If you’re just getting into it speaking of: the game is $40 digitally and physically these items can give your crew a headstart.

I’m bummed I haven’t had time to dig into Hard Mode yet. It’s an end-of-the-year goal for sure.

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