Final Fantasy VII Remake job listing claims that it will 'surpass the original'


Will it though

The time has come for us to learn a little bit more about theFinal Fantasy VII Remake project. We’ve heard plenty of bits and pieces by way of job listings and such, but Square Enix has been pretty hush hush on what this hype-fest actually entails other than spilling the beans on the episodic angle.

Once again we’re getting more insight into the scope of the project by way of a job listing.According to the post, it notes that this is “not a remake,” but a “creation.” The team explains it further by stating: “It should be noted that this is an internal production. After 20 years, the staff behind the original Final Fantasy VII, who are top-rankers in the industry even now, are reuniting. A project to create ‘a title that surpasses the original’ is starting full-scale.”

These listings call for battle and level planners, and re-iterates that the 1st Business Division, who is working on Mobius Final Fantasy, is the chief development team. If operations have indeed expanded, when do you think we could see a real update at this point? 2025?

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