Enjoy the Holidays with the capitalist dogs of Shinra in FFVII: The First Soldier


Slay Bells

Nobody loves the holidays quite like a corporation built on the capitalist suffering of the downtrodden, so why not celebrate this festive season with Shinra Corporation and its fascist private military faction, SOLDIER, as Square Enix has revealed the first seasonal event for its not-too-shabby mobile title Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Kicking off on December 8, (that’s tomorrow, sports fans), the holiday event will offer budding SOLDIERS the opportunity to bag themed gear, weaponry, avatars, vehicles, and more, while also offering festive new additions to the free-to-play title’s overall U.I. and aesthetic. Complete time-limited challenges and missions to earn even more exclusive goodies — rock up to battle in a garishly festive buggy, while wearing a Santa hat, before blowing everybody to kingdom come.

Perhaps two of the best additions, however, are reserved for new mascot suits, which include a reindeer-style Chocobo and a festively decorated Cactuar, looking more surprised than ever before. A snowman Moogle costume, straight out of your nightmares, is also on the docket. The Seventh Heaven map will also be showing off its holiday cheer with a variety of decorations, colorful lights, snow effects, and more.

For full details of all of the coming events, as well as the plethora of goodies and unlocks available, visit the official Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier blog right here. I can’t deny I always find it odd when I shooter dresses itself up for the Ho-Ho-Ho happiness of the holidays. But it’s just a game… and apparently a pretty good one at that.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is free-to-play now on iOS and Android devices.