Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier team teases Dragoons, Season 2


The First Soldier Season 2 is coming this year

It’s easy to forget about any given game these days with floods of them coming in every week, but last month a Final Fantasy VII-themed battle royale mobile project came out, and it was…decent! Although it weaponizes nostalgia to a powerful degree, there’s an actual game there, especially if you use a controller. Now The First Soldier Season 2 is coming, so the game must be doing well enough to warrant a continuation.

Shared on the game’s official Japanese site, producer Shoichi Ichikawa shared some data on the game amid a tease we’ll get into in a moment. Ichikawa is being fairly open with how the game has been received so far, noting that “roughly 45% of people in a recent poll rated the game at an eight or higher out of 10.” 23.21% additionally rated it at a seven, with 10.83% going with a six, and 10.93% going with a five.

Clearly they have some work to do, and having played it, I think these numbers are a pretty accurate picture of the game so far. Ichikawa says they will “continue to make an effort” to raise these numbers, even going so far as to break down the various phases and mechanics of the game to see what people find the most fun, and hone in on that.

To that end, the game is getting a balance patch on January 18, and is making efforts to fix crashes on January 21: so there’s two major updates coming soon, focused around gameplay and foundation. The first “Cup” tournament is starting on January 20, too: it’s a busy month!

So about that tease: Season 2 is confirmed, and it seems to be Dragoon-themed. The famed director Tetsuya Nomura himself shared the news in the post and even put up a Dragoon drawing to celebrate. While info is slim, this tease seems pretty clear!

The First Soldier Season 2