Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be digital-only


Hello, Darkness, my old friend

I know many of you were hoping for a physical version of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, but that won’t be happening. In a press release from Square Enix Japan, the company confirmed that the upcoming re-release will be a digital-only affair. Many got their hopes up after Play-Asia had listings posted for boxed copies of the game, but those product pages have now been removed after this news.

I suppose there is some hope that the US will get a physical copy, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. The same press release makes sure to specifically note under each platform that it will be digital-only and the west typically doesn’t get physical copies of things like this. Maybe this is the only way Square Enix could get VIII back into the public after so long.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Only Be Available Digitally [Siliconera]