Final Fantasy VII's pesky music bug is gone on Switch and Xbox One



Due to a rather unfortunate slip-up in the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One ports of Final Fantasy VII, the music restarts after every single random encounter with enemies. The issue appeared in the game’s Steam release, and folks were dismayed to see it resurface again this year in these new console ports.

For a widely-loved video game with iconic music, the audio bug is a significant oversight.

Thankfully, Square Enix has sent out a fix for FFVII not only to address the faulty overworld music playback, but also the black screen that appeared when transitioning from cutscenes to gameplay. They’re gone. What’s more, the music in the flashback scene now plays as originally intended. If any of these got under your skin, you can go about your day with an extra spring in your step.

Here’s hoping the recurring bug doesn’t pop up in future FFVII ports. I’m reminded of a scene in It’s Always Sunny when Mac and Dennis precariously live in the suburbs together. “News flash, asshole!”

Now that this is squared away, is the Switch version on your break-out-in-case-of-emergency list?

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