Final Fantasy XII got a helpful update on PS4 and PC


They’re catching up with the Xbox One and Switch versions

It took a while – long enough that fans were probably wondering if it was ever going to happen – but here it is. Square Enix updated Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on PlayStation 4 and PC to be more in line with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions, both of which had bonus features.

As noted on the PlayStation Blog, FFXII PS4 players can now reset party members’ jobs by talking to Montblanc in Rabanastre and also shift between three different Gambit sets, meaning there’s less downtime spent swapping around action commands in menus to situate yourself for battles.

Graciously, the update also includes an option to use the “original game’s OST,” which “hews close to the PS2 version, but with higher-quality samples and different instrumentation in some cases.”

The equivalent PC patch ( for FFXII is a similar story. Along with adding a job-reset function and expanding the Gambit system, Square Enix removed Denuvo DRM. Another one bites the dust.

PS4 and PC players seemingly didn’t get the improved New Game+ feature (that lets you bring over your gear) found on Xbox One and Switch. Hopefully that final piece can come in a future update.

The timing, while later than expected, still works out. People are revisiting old games post-FFVII Remake. If you’re in the mood for Balthier, FFXII is half price ($24.99) right now on Steam and PS4.