Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning ad campaign confirmed for Louis Vuitton


::insert popular Lightning quote here::

I feel like a lot of the time when people dump on Lightning, calling her a bad character, they haven’t played all of the proper Final Fantasy games she’s in. Well I have, and even though I loved Lightning Returns, she’s still a bad character — now she’s invading more than just every other Final Fantasygame, but real life as well. There is no escape.

Louis Vuitton has confirmed that Lightning will model for the spring-summer 2016 collection, called “Series 4.” She’ll appear in magazine ads for the month of January, as well as various promotional videos. I’m considering getting a copy of that mag for my potential future daughter, so she can share the pain of having to deal with 10 more years of Lighting right alongside all of us.

It’s the best marriage of something popular andLouis Vuitton since Kayne’s “Last Call.

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