PSA: Final Fantasy XIV is back on sale today


Free trial sign-ups are still on hold, though

It’s been a little over a month since Endwalker landed for Final Fantasy XIV players. The massive server congestion seems to be easing up, and so as previously announced, Final Fantasy XIV is back on sale again.

This means players can either buy in or upgrade their already-existing free trial accounts. And true enough, a quick perusal of the Steam, PlayStation, and Square Enix storefronts show Endwalker and general Final Fantasy XIV back on sale.

Free trial sign-ups are still on hold, however. In the previous announcementFinal Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida said they would like to resume free trial registration, but they’ll need to monitor server stability for a while longer.

This is great news for players like me, though. I got hooked on the Final Fantasy XIV train over the holidays, playing on an old free trial account I made a year ago. And it turns out the memes were right. I had already blasted through A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, and was staring at the giant stop sign for free trial players in the patch content.

Now, I can finally upgrade my account and get back on the road towards Endwalker. It’s still strange to see a game lock out potential new players, but as one of those newcomers, I respect it a lot. I get now why Final Fantasy XIV players are so invested in seeing this story through. And now, with sales resumed, newcomers can get on the tracks too.

Today’s re-opening of sales also coincides with Patch 6.08, which has some nice job changes for roles like Paladin, Monk, and Dragoon. Also, a new data center has opened for Oceania, with some bonuses for anyone who hops over.