Square Enix is doing another candy bar promotion, this time with Final Fantasy XIV


A chocolate reskin of an existing mount

It seems like Square Enix isn’t done with candy bars yet!

After rolling with the Final Fantasy VII Remake theme bonus (which involved Butterfingers, Crunch, and Baby Ruth bars), the publisher is back with the former candy for Final Fantasy XIV. If you submit “$5 worth of receipts for Butterfinger” to this site, you can get a code for the “Chocorpokkur Mount.”

There are a few provisos though. It’ll take “3-5 days” for the promotion to go through, and some users are reporting that their legitimate receipts were denied. Also, the promo mount is actually just a reworked version of an existing Korpokkur mount, but chocolate-flavored. It’s the same one offered in Japan through their Lawson promo, actually.

The Butterfinger brand is no stranger to cross-media promotions, too! Growing up it was kind of a reality: like a Butterfinger-Verse.

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