Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker's first big patch, 6.1, is due in April


Thanks to another producer letter presentation, we know the timeline

Everyone has been waiting for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker‘s first big patch, and now the release window has been confirmed: mid-April. The news comes from another lengthy, nearly-three-hour-long “Letter from the Producer Live,” which is now on a whopping issue LXIX.

Here are the main talking points for Endwalker‘s first big patch:

  • New Main story quests (which will sew the seeds for a new journey)
  • More beast tribe quests
  • Crystalline Conflict, a PVP mode
  • An ultimate challenge (Dragonsong’s Reprise)
  • Ultima’s Bane unreal
  • More job adjustments (more details in the upcoming letter)
  • Myths of the Realm alliance raid (24-person)
  • Hildibrand is coming back in patch 6.15 (a mid-way 6.1 patch later on)
  • A Tataru focused sidequest chain
  • Ishgardian housing
  • More adjustments for the Trust system, including old dungeons

As usual it’s a lot to unpack. In case you aren’t familiar with how Final Fantasy XIV handles patches, generally the “main” numbered updates (6.1, 6.2) are every few months (now due to a recent shift, “every four months”) and drop a ton of stuff at once. The team makes an effort to spread the love around for both casual and hardcore players, and that’s just what’s happening with patch 6.1.

The biggest examples include Myths of the Realm: a 24-person casual raid, in which a lot of people can play sloppily but still enjoy the content and go for a chance at loot. Then there’s the ultimate challenge, Dragonsong’s Reprise, which can only be completed with a highly on-point dedicated group.

Something for everyone!