Final Fantasy XIV is getting further maintenance to fix login errors


Lobby servers are being addressed next

Want a solution for Final Fantasy XIV login errors? Well, Square Enix is working on it, according to a new blog post. Here’s the latest.

So Endwalker is out, and it’s making a big splash. As producer Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida notes, there has been “an unprecedented number of active players” engaging with the game, “the highest ever seen since the launch of FFXIV.” That’s good: for Square Enix! Unfortunately that also means that players have been dealing with Final Fantasy XIV login errors, and the team has provided a new update this week on how they’re going to help with that.

One of the bigger solutions is direct lobby server maintenance. That’s happening with the “earliest timing possible,” and will bring down lobby servers for roughly 30 minutes. If you’re already logged in, you won’t even notice it. But if you’re in a queue or are trying to get in, it’s going to be completely down. That time is going to be communicated in an “upcoming announcement.”

The team also did an all worlds maintenance sweep that’s completed at the time of publication, to address some of the issues. Said Final Fantasy XIV login errors include 4004 (disconnected before you enter the game in the queue), 3001 (login cap), and 2002 (17,000 player limit).

While fixes have been deployed, Square Enix warns that the permanent solution is still ongoing:

“We have been able to locate the cause of this error, which occurs due to extremely high server loads, and are currently fixing the source code for the lobby servers. Although the fix itself is finished, the process of checking whether the fix has actually resolved this issue requires time as it is an extremely complex process.”

As for the queue caps, that’s being addressed as we speak:

“We are now ready to deploy the backup development servers to the public lobby servers, which will improve the capacity management of the lobby server and raise the maximum number of players in the queue to around 21,000.”

And then there’s the issue of “adding more servers,” which is multifaceted, but best summed up with this response, amid worldwide semiconductor shortages:

“We have made considerable investment—even more so than usual—to secure the required hardware, but even so, a long lead time will be needed to prepare the server hardware…it may take several months or more to add new Worlds.”

These two short-term fixes are great, but there’s still work ahead. The game has increased in popularity as a whole, so Square Enix will need to address player retention as soon as possible.