Final Fantasy XIV is running a free login event through mid-January


Now until January 14

Square Enix, like many other MMO-runners before it, occasionally provides deals or campaigns for lapsed players, and there’s a brand new one leading into the New Year that might help you out. Yep it’s yet another free login campaign, and this one is live from now until January 17.

As usual though there’s a few provisos. This promotion is specifically for lapsed players: meaning, you need to have had a subscription previously that has been inactive for 30 days. Also, when you log in you’ll only get five days (120 hours) consecutively to play, at which point the free period will end.

Basically, make sure you have a lot of free time from the moment you decide to start that clock. You can geta lotdone in that time, like complete the entire Shadowbringerscampaign (if you own it) and the 5.1 content to get ready for 5.2. Or even better you can waltz through the 5.1 content at your own pace over the course of a few days: I suspect this is the most alluring prospect for players waiting for that next juicy patch.

So what’s next? Well in February patch 5.2 will hit, which includes new major raid content and Ruby Weapon, among other updates.

Up to 120 hours free login campaign [Square Enix]