Final Fantasy XIV's Moogle Treasure Trove event starts soon


March 14 ‘until patch 6.1’

The Final Fantasy XIV team has announced the date for the upcoming Moogle Treasure Trove event: March 14 at 1AM PT.

The gist is that there is “no set schedule,” and your job is to complete objectives, collect “irregular tomestones” (a Moogle-fied currency), turn them in for prizes, then repeat the process. Those objectives actually consist of older content, which will have Moogle icons near them in the duty finder. It’s similar to how the roulette system gently nudges people to old stuff; but you get to vaguely choose what things to do to claim the reward.

You can find a full list of content that rewards Irregular Tomestones here, as well as the rewards themselves. The most expensive item costs 100, then it’s down to 50, then denominations of 30, 15, 10, seven, and one. To claim these rewards, you’ll find the turn-ins at X:9.4 and Y:11.6 at Limsa, X:12.4 and Y:12.1 at Gridania, and X:9.6 and Y:9.1 at Ul’dah.

Consider this a final casual respite until patch 6.1 is out, which will be a massive injection of everything from content to quality of life changes come April. In fact, the Moogle Treasure Trove event actually ends “at the launch of patch 6.1.”

As a reminder, that “6.1” date is actually a window, because as of today, we don’t actually have a date for it yet. Square Enix plays FFXIV update dates close to the chest until they’re 100% ready and all of the checks have been finalized.

Here are the main talking points for Endwalker‘s first big patch:

  • New Main story quests (which will sew the seeds for a new journey)
  • More beast tribe quests
  • Crystalline Conflict, a PVP mode
  • An ultimate challenge (Dragonsong’s Reprise)
  • Ultima’s Bane unreal
  • More job adjustments (more details in the upcoming letter)
  • Myths of the Realm alliance raid (24-person)
  • Hildibrand is coming back in patch 6.15 (a mid-way 6.1 patch later on)
  • A Tataru focused sidequest chain
  • Ishgardian housing
  • More adjustments for the Trust system, including old dungeons