Final Fantasy XIV producer: '2021 will be the busiest year of my career'


‘Please look forward to various announcements for both Final Fantasy XIV and XVI’

In case you missed it, Famitsu checked in with a ton of high-profile Japanese game developers on what they have planned for the new year (and beyond), and a few of them have a few interesting things to say.

One of the responses that really caught my eye was from Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida, who is going into 2021 with an “open mind” and a busy schedule. According to Yoshida, “2021 will be the busiest year of [his] career.” Yoshida notes, “I’d like to make it a year in which I can deliver surprise and excitement to gamers and players, while also paying attention to my health.”

Given how tirelessly he works on Final Fantasy XIV, I’d say that’s a good idea. But it’s not just XIVthat’s going to have announcements, as he’s also working on Final Fantasy XVI. We can likely expect the new XIV expansion announcement in February, as well as more news about XVI.

So what else is happening at Square? Well, Bravely Defaultproducer Tomoya Asano hopes that Bravely Default IIis a success, at which point they can “prepare for the next one,” which could be Bravely Default Third/IIIor something else. FFVII Remakeco-lead Yoshinori Kitase says that “developments are in preparation” for the follow-up, but we need to wait a little longer for those details.

Dragon Questproducer Noriyoshi Fujimoto “hopes” to be able to announce “something” for the series’ 35th anniversary, and Yosuke Saito of NieRfame is still working on the NieRseries, as well as Babylon’s Fall, in conjunction with Platinum Games. Everyone is busy!

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