Final Fantasy XIV's 4.3 patch features turtle power and another return to Final Fantasy Tactics' Ivalice


‘Under the Moonlight’

It’s a great day when Square Enix dishes out information for a new Final Fantasy XIV patch, because the team just goes all out, providing a special landing page for it on top of a trailer and a producer-helmed stream that goes over minute details. They really have the formula down.

This coming patch, as previously announced, will be coming this month, and now we have a date — May 22. It’s called Under the Moonlight (4.3), and will function as a catch-up patch without a proper Savage raid tier. Instead you’ll be playing through new story missions, a new 24-person raid (continuing the story of Ivalice started in 4.1), a new dungeon (Swallow’s Compass), and another trial (a Four Lords battle that seems to be focusing on Genbu the turtle).

As always this new patch will come with myriad quality of life changes in tow (more options for the duty finder, cross-world link shells, more glamour options), as well as class alterations (Astrologian, Scholar, Samurai, Monk, Dark Knight, Monk, Ninja, Samurai, and Black Mage were mentioned during the Live Letter stream).

To clarify the roadmap a bit, the new Ultimate raid tier (so tough that only the 1%, or less, can clear it) is coming in 4.31 shortly after launch, 4.35 will give us more Hildibrand quests and the new Deep Dungeon in several months, and patch 4.36 even later still will debut the new Eureka: Pagos zone.I’ve been actively playing FFXIV more during Stormblood than I did at this point in Heavensward, which is a great sign. Hopefully the new content keeps me busy for a while now that God Kefka is in the books.

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