Final Fantasy XIV's Companion App is finally out


Go chat

After a series of delays, “Coming soons,” and “Square Enix Time” exclamations, the fabled Final Fantasy XIVCompanion app is here. Coupled with a cute Allagan-Tomestone-as-an-iPhone marketing push it’s actually pretty functional, and serves as a chat application to contact your friends and plan meetups or activities.

You can also run limited services from it like browsing the auction house (market board) or manage your inventory, some of which is gated behind a premium (that comes later, though you can buy Mog Coin microtransactions now, of course). Some users are reporting difficulties using the app; myself included. It keeps crashing on me amid constant network errors.

Interestingly your chat app will work for 30 days after your subscription has expired. It might not sound like a big feature but I’ve had many guild mates or online friends disappear for a few weeks without a trace, only to find out that they had credit card issues or financial troubles that prevented them from playing for a bit. Now you can just contact them directly on the app.

FFXIV Companion Available Now [Square Enix]