Final Fantasy XIV's patch 2.38 brings personal housing, new Relic quest extension


The new weapon is called Nexus

Patch 2.4 for Final Fantasy XIV, which is set to bring the Ninja job and a ton of other contentis still a tad off, but in the meantime patch 2.38 has dropped. Inside you’ll find a number of quality of life updates, as well as personal housing (to add to the current guild housing system), and a brand new Relic questline — the Nexus.

All of the other updates are pretty self-explanatory (hug and slap emotes are a thing now!), but the Nexus quest is purposely vague. It appears as if nearly every major event you do (dungeons, trials) will contribute to leveling up your weapon to i115. There’s no word yet on how much each event contributes, as the patch notes say that it’s up to the community to figure out the riddle.

Well, time to break out my Novus sword and shield and get to work.

Patch 2.38 notes [The Lodestone]