Final Fantasy XV balloons to 50 hours as team targets 30fps


More tidbits ahead of next week’s blow out

The last numbered, single-player entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII, cut enough content to make an entire additional game. And then we ended up with two more entries in the XIII sub-series while XIII itself had enough content that the game “doesn’t get good until the 30 hour mark,” many Stockholm syndrome’d folks explained.

All of this is to suggest that Square Enix might have issues with things like production, pacing. Which is when we remember that the upcoming Final Fantasy XV was announced as Final Fantasy XIII Versus while George W. Bush was still president. This is all why I suck air between clenched teeth when director Hajime Tabata says in a NicoNico livestream that FFXV‘s story now sits at 50 hours, up from the previous 40 hour estimate, because it has “more volume” than original planned.

Other info dropped? Cactuar are present, are strong, and can dodge Shift Breaks. An assumedly new playable demo will be present at the big Final Fantasy XV event next week (we’ll be on site to cover it) as well as a trailer (in Japanese).

Some presence of airships was decided “from long ago” despite last year’s rumblings that airships might be a post-launch thing. That doesn’t necessarily mean they will exist in classic, free form style. The team is also trying to get the game running at 30fps, but seems to have a contingency plan; resolution will be announced next week. Square is also working on putting together a Final Fantasy XV PS4 bundle.

I hope this is some over budget, aspirational, interesting mess like Metal Gear Solid V, but without the guiding hand of a Kojima-like auteur it could easily end up just expensive and dull, not unlike Final Fantasy XIII. Still I can’t help but be hopeful. It’d be nice to return to a world where Final Fantasy is good and of import. Otherwise I just have to keep banging on about a Final Fantasy XII remake. C’mon, it’s been 10 years!

『ファイナルファンタジーXV』現状のシナリオクリアまでのプレイ時間やフレームレート、飛空艇の登場などについて田畑ディレクターが語る [Games Talk]