Final Fantasy XV tops Japanese sales charts in first week


99.5% of FF15 sales on PS4

Square Enix shipped five million copies of Final Fantasy XV on it’s first day worldwide, but unsurprisingly the vast majority of those must have come outside of Japan. The long-awaited title with a really bad movie I’m currently relieving myself of was the top-selling video game in Japan from 11/28-12/04, 2016. It’s 690,471 first week copies is less than half of what Pokémon Sun and Moonsold in it’s first week (1,590,629).

That’s also less than half of Final Fantasy XIII‘s first week sales (1,501,964), but it did outperform FFXIII-2 (524,217)and FFXIII Lightning Returns (277,082)in their respective first weeks. Interesting to note is that of the 694,262 copies of FFXV sold thus far in Japan, only 3,791 of those were on Xbox One (0.5% of all FFXV sales in Japan).

Speaking of Pokémon, Sun and Moonare still going strong selling over 223,000 copies in its third week, taking the second spot on the list. The top five is rounded out by newly released Super Mario Maker for 3DS (162,180), Watch Dogs 2(39,965), and All Kamen Rider: Ride Revolution (23,308).

On the hardware side, the release of Final Fantasy XVhas caused PS4 sales to soar from around 33,000 last week to over 110,000 units sold this week. FFXV‘s release likelycaused a similar increase in PS4 sales worldwide, pushing its total number of sales to over 50 million. PS4 Pro sales dropped by over 200 sales from last week however.

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