Final Fantasy XV's VR…thing is still alive, director 'happy' with sales


He also says he wants to make car travel more open

Enough time has passed to reflect on Final Fantasy XV, and to facilitate that process, Famitsu recently intervieweddirector Hajime Tabata, who provides some thoughts on a number of different topics.

Tabata says that he’s “happy” about sales in North America, Europe, and Japan, and explains that there’s a “whole lot” of sales on the digital front. In terms of reaction he says the open world concept has been very positively received, but anyone who has a higher priority on story, including a lot of Japanese players, weren’t as thrilled (I thought it was more about personal relationships than a core narrative myself, as the story merely served as a catalyst to see the group grow).

He also explains that nothing “particular” was cut from the story, and that he’s still thinking about how to implement a replay chapter function, given the upcoming Chapter 13 overhaul. In terms of the VR front “development is progressing,” but he has nothing new to report. As far as new stuff goes “it would take a year to make,” but Tabata muses on letting us see those glitched areas, or even the city of Insomnia.

Finally, he talks about putting XVout on PC as a “technical attempt” (which sounds like Early Access, but will probably be something similar to a short video, like they did with Final Fantasy XIV‘s benchmark), and doesn’t shut down the idea entirely. If it came a year or two down the line as a GOTY edition, it would probably boost sales from the wait and see crowd.

Final Fantasy XV [Hachima Kikou via Gematsu]