Finally, a proper gameplay trailer for Binding of Isaac prequel The Legend of Bum-bo


Bum-bo want coin, Brett want Bum-bo

We’ve known about Edmund McMillan and James Id’s The Legend of Bum-bofor a good long while now, but we’ve never actually known much about it. Bum-bo is a companion in The Binding of Isaac, and this game has been billed as a prequel to Isaac’s macabre downward journey. Also, it’s some sort of hybrid randomly-generated, spell-casting, match-4, turn-based puzzle RPG.

It’s a lot to process, especially from the limited teases we’ve seen. However, the developers have given us a much more substantial look today. Embedded above is the first gameplay trailer for The Legend of Bum-bo.

Seeing it in action, the systems start to make sense. It seems as if the match-4 mechanics energize Bumbo’s different attacks, which he then uses to target enemies. There’s also a certain novelty to seeing the Isaacaesthetic translated to a 3D cardboard-like look. Anyone who watched closely probably noticed a very familiar leg toward the end of the trailer.

McMillan and Id are no closer to a Bum-borelease date than they were at the beginning of the year. It’s still casually set for a 2018 launch on PC, Mac, and iOS devices. However, a post on the game’s site still holds out hope for a Switch port sometime in 2019.