Finally, you can play with cross-platform friends in Rocket League


Season 10 also starts today

After nearly two years of sitting on the bench, Anthony’s back in the Rocket League game! Why? I can finally start a cross-platform party with friends who have expressed interest in playing with me. As of now, the system is live and ready to ruin friendships when someone messes up an easy layup aerial.

The next time you boot up Rocket League, there will be a new window showing all of your various friends across every platform. This is achieved by sharing your automatically generated RocketID, which can be seen at the top of the new friends window. The ability to add recent players has also been streamlined as well with a recent players tab.

Competitive Season 10 will also begin today, and all rewards from Season 9 will be handed out.

This is an update that has been long asked for in the Rocket League community, and to see it finally happen solidifies Rocket League as a prime example of post-launch support titles.

On top of adding in friends, some general bugs were also fixed with this version 1.58 update.

  • Fixed a bug preventing players from reconnecting to a match after a disconnection from the server
  • Fixed a bug causing spectator camera control UI to reappear after any goal is scored
  • Tournament creators no longer receive an error when trying to spectate matches
  • [Xbox One] The game app will no longer crash when returning from a suspended state when using Instant-on Mode
  • Fixed a bug causing trades involving 80 or more Keys to fail
  • Goal Explosions should no longer play on repeat after backing out of the Crate preview screen
  • Unrelated Customization Items will no longer appear under the ‘Body’ tab after rapidly opening and closing the Garage menu
  • Chat sound no longer plays when entering Training while in a Party
  • Items will appear correctly in the trade window after removing and re-adding to the trade
  • Keys obtained through Rocket Pass will now stack with other Keys in your inventory
  • [Switch] The UI will no longer lag when scrolling through a long list of friends
  • The Special Edition label now appears when a Special Edition item is unlocked in Rocket Pass

As well as the updates, there are a few known issues with the new features that will be worked on in later updates.

  • Dunk House: In Free Play, the Ball does not lift right after the user moves out of the kick-off position like it does in offline or online matches.
  • Friends List notifications will not appear while viewing Replays
  • An incorrect error message may appear if you try to change your Rocket ID if PsyNet is down
  • [Xbox One] Players may not be able to accept party invites via Xbox One notifications if Rocket League is suspended
  • [Xbox One] In-game chat is replaced with asterisks (except for quick chat) after loading the game from suspended mode
  • [Steam, Xbox] Adding a same platform friend through RocketID may cause previously deleted friends to reappear
  • When previewing the Special Edition ‘Asik’ Wheel in the lobby or Garage, it may appear to have a low level of detail
  • When spectating a Hoops match, the Blue goal displays an additional vertically-oriented net

Rocket League is currently available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.