Fire Emblem Echoes is getting a $45 season pass in addition to the amiibo dungeons


Five DLC packs planned

BeforeFire Emblem Echoes arrives in the west (it came out in Japan a few weeks ago), Nintendo wants you to know that it’s getting a season pass.

It’s $45 (!), and will contain “22 pieces of content” across five DLC packs throughout the year. These include new characters, maps, dungeons, challenges, classes, and even a prologue that doubles as an extra story mission. You can check out the full details below.

If you haven’t been keeping track, this season pass is for a remake of the second Fire Emblemgame, and is on top of the two previously confirmed amiibo figures that also unlock exclusive content. While I’m sure the core game will be worth the price of entry on its own based on how packed every Fire Emblemis at launch, this DLC strategy is bonkers.

To see Nintendo go from no DLC while everyone else was doing it to putting out add-ons that cost more than the base gameis wild.For reference, Fire Emblem Fates had 17 DLC maps that could be purchased across two passes for $26.

  • Season Pass (May 19, $44.99, 22 pieces of content): The Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Season Pass includes all five DLC packs as they release. By purchasing the Season Pass, fans who want to receive all DLC will save more than 30 percent compared to purchasing all 22 pieces of content on their own.
  • DLC Pack #1 – Fledgling Warriors Pack (May 19, $7.99, three pieces of content): Ideal for early- to mid-game adventurers, this pack includes a new dungeon (The Astral Temple) and two new maps, great for gaining more items, money and experience points.
  • DLC Pack #2 – Undaunted Heroes Pack (May 25, $9.99, three pieces of content): In addition to a new dungeon (The Inner Sanctum), this pack also includes two challenging new maps that stronger, more seasoned heroes will want to tackle.
  • DLC Pack #3 – Lost Altars Pack (May 25, $14.99, 10 pieces of content): The mysterious dungeons included in this pack hold the power to upgrade characters to exclusive classes that don’t appear in the main game.
  • DLC Pack #4 – Rise of the Deliverance Pack (June 1, $12.99, four pieces of content): Discover the previously untold history of Valentia in this Prologue pack. Complete with new story content and additional voice acting that details the rise of the Deliverance in Zofia, this collection of challenging maps includes new support conversations between selected heroes, as well as the ability to take command of a character players won’t be able to control in the main game.
  • DLC Pack #5 ($5.99, two pieces of content): More information about this final DLC pack will be revealed in the future.