Fire Emblem Heroes reveals Book VI and new PvP 'Summoner Duels'


Time to take your warriors worldwide

It’s been a helluva long time since we saw a major update for Nintendo’s money churning pocket battler Fire Emblem Heroes but that all changed yesterday, as the FeH Channel revealed a brand new trailer for the all-new Book VI update, bringing with it new characters, familiar faces, new lore and, finally, the long-requested PvP battles.

Book VI will see the return of Veronica, Princess of Embla. The ruthless antagonist of Book I will return, older and wiser, and serves as a key player in the new story’s events. Our new protagonist will be Ash, the regal retainer of the Divine Dragon Askyr. Much like the protagonists of previous books, Ash will join our hardened team of regular heroes such as Sharena and Alphonse, as well as any of the colorful cast of characters you might have pulled from the big book of Gacha. In keeping with previous volumes, Book VI will also include a new castle theme for your home screen. I’m still rocking Bernadetta… and Shamir… and Tharja… and…

The new PvP mode, “Summoner Duels,” will bring an entirely new angle to Fire Emblem Heroes’ gameplay. Players will be able to pit their teams against other players, earning rewards in the ranked based “Favor Battles.” Players can also hook up for rumbles with their pals in the new “Free Duels” mode, or train for coming warfare against decoy bot A.I. in “Practice” mode. For those who have been slugging it out against the A.I. for years, Summoner Duels will be a true test of your team’s chemistry, strength, guile, and strategy.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on iOS and Android devices. iOS users will need to upgrade to iOS 13.0 in order to access the new Book VI content. To date, the game remains Nintendo’s most financially successful in-house mobile title, having grossed over $650 million USD since its initial release in 2017, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.