Fire Pro Wrestling World suplexes onto PC and PlayStation 4


Suplex City

Wrestling games have unfortunately taken a bit of a dive lately, so Spike Chunsoft has come to the rescue with a return to one of the more technical (but super fun) wrestling series, Fire Pro Wrestling. Announced at GDC 2017, the new entry, Fire Pro Wrestling World, will apparently offer plenty of customization options for players (you can choose whether to be face or heel, add custom movesets, and even change the look of the ring), online leagues and tournaments, and Deathmatch modes complete with barbed wire and “gruesome” fights.

The best part is that it’ll also offer local multiplayer as well. That’s crucial for a wrestling game. Because while the WWE may be struggling since the brand split, it’s lead to cool stuff like this on Smackdown. If I could somehow set fire to the ring like Randy Orton and then trash talk my buddy to his face, I think we’ve got a winner.

The only catch, however, is Fire Pro Wrestling World is currently set to release on Steam Early Access later this year in order for Spike Chunsoft to get player feedback for the customization options and work out the kinks. Then it’ll get a full PC and PlayStation 4 release at a later date. At least if you’re an early adopter (which I likely will be), it’ll be less expensive.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is Coming To The PlayStation 4 and PC [Siliconera]