'Firestorm' is Battlefield V's 64-man take on battle royale


Johnny Cash’s worst nightmare

In a new trailer loaded with an incredible amount of PR speak, we’ve finally gotten some details on how Battlefield V’s battle royale mode will play out. Those hoping for something akin to PUBG or Fortnite will be saddened, as “Firestorm” (the official name for the mode) will be limited to 16 four-man teams for a total of 64 players. The trailer does promise that the map will be “the largest Battlefield map ever” and include everything players have come to expect from the series.

Along with that, there is information about how the “Tides of War” service will work. Beginning with “The Fall of Europe” at launch, this service will introduce a free new campaign every few months for players to partake in. The second chapter, which is still unnamed, will take place in Greece and focus on a completely different front of World War II.

The last bit was some new campaign DLC called “Under No Flag.” This has players assume the role of a British criminal deep within enemy territory in Northern Africa. You’ll need to make use of his special skills to escape and that is about all we know. It seems the campaign will be continually updated with post-launch content, so look forward to that after buying the game on October 19.

This is Battlefield V [Battlefield via YouTube]