First 4 Figures video reveals stunning Okami Shiranui statue


Classic PS2 character immortalised

Memorabilia manufacturer First 4 Figures have revealed details on their newest release, a statue of celestial being Shiranui from PS2 classic, Okami. A newly-released trailer, shown below, showcases the beautiful figurine.

The resin statue stands 14 inches high and is about 18 inches in length. That’s some footprint for your mantelpiece. The Exclusive Edition of Shiranui includes LEDs to a warm glow to both their mane and their Solar Flare Reflector. Accompanying Shiranui is a PVC figurine of kinda-annoying sidekick Ishaku.

Shiranui is available for pre-order on the First 4 Figures website. The Exclusive Edition must be pre-ordered before May 29. Both editions of Shiranui are priced at about $485, not including shipping or any possible customs charges.

Okami Shiranui Statue official page [First 4 Figures]