First details for Street Fighter V's Alex emerge


Still coming this month for 100,000 points or straight cash

Oh hey, Street Fighter V still needs to be finished!

This month Capcom is going to facilitate that by adding a few modes, and a few fighter, Alex. Here’s the first look at his in-game character, who is described as a “brash grappler” that can fight from midrange with his “long limbs.” His V-Skill involves an automatic counter-hit (if it connects), and his V-Trigger is a clothesline attack.

Other DLC includes a challenge mode (for all characters, including beginner, intermediate, advanced, character specific tutorials, and trials), as well as an in-game shop for costumes, and online rematch option, and eight person lobbies. Hefty! The release date is still a nebulous “March.”

For a full rundown of how all of the DLC works, including pricing, check out this article here.

Alex [Capcom Unity]