First Dragon's Crown Pro character trailer showcases Fighter


Heavy metal mayhem

Atlus have the released the first in a series of trailers, each taking a look at the heroes of the forthcoming PS4 title Dragon’s Crown Pro, with the premier short showcasing the Fighter.

The Fighter is a melee-based character, felling opposition at short-range with rapid, powerful blows. They also have shielding capabilities and sturdy armour, and as such should be considered front-line for any gang of adventurers charging into battle.

I’m very much looking forward to the launch of this game, yet we are still to get confirmation that the revamped edition of the PS3 action-RPG will definitely see Western shores. Until then, we can at least ogle the game in all its remastered glory.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will be available in Japan on PS4 February 8, 2018.