First screens for Game of Thrones finale are non-canon (for me)


Gared fights a claymation bear

The long-awaited season finale for Telltale’s Game of Thrones series following House Forrester is almost here. It releases next week, but today we have a few tastes of what to expect. Mira looks like she’s in trouble with the Lannisters and Gared makes a new bear friend while searching out the North Grove. As expected, the two feuding houses of Forrester and Whitehill are preparing for all-out war.

These screens highlight the slightly different journeys that could have led to this point. One screen in particular has three inconsistencies with my decisions, as I had [REDACTED] choose[REDACTED] as[REDACTED] in Iron From Ice, I had[REDACTED] kill[REDACTED] in A Nest of Vipers, and I chose to have[REDACTED] survive the[REDACTED] instead of[REDACTED] at the end of that same episode. My screen of that scene will look pretty different.

Some day, I’m going to write about this game and not have to censor out the spoilers.