First third-party Nintendo Switch exclusive stars boy with Asperger's syndrome


Omelette du fromage

The Nintendo Switch has its first third-party exclusive: Seasons of Heavenby France-based AnyArt Productions, who is known for indie titles such as Seasons of Heaven. I started to write Story of Seasonsthree different times before having to check the name again. This project is based on a book of the same name, featuring a young boy diagnosed with Asperger’s named Yann and his French bulldog Ani.

While no gameplay details are known yet, it looks like it will be an artistic, emotionally-driven story. Said story “centres on a group of survivors in a post-civilizationworld.” As if there aren’t enough post-civilization stories and dog companions in games already. How about some love for us cat people? People who like cats I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with being a human-cat hybrid.

Screenshots show the young Yann in comfy shorts venturing through a forest with a little puppy dog by his side. Over/under for sad dog deaths is currently sitting at one. Place your bets.

Glowing glyphs, a very tall man-made tower off in the distance, and an Easter Island Moai statue shooting blue lasers from its eyes suggest puzzles and mystery to uncover.

Seasons of Heaven is a Nintendo Switch exclusive indie game, runs on Unreal Engine 4 [Eurogamer]