Five free old-school titles coming to SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on Switch


First free bundle arrives in December

November sees the launch of retro compendium SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on Nintendo Switch, bringing a host of classic – and seemingly endlessly re-released – arcade hits to the hybrid console.

NIS America has popped a new trailer announcing five low-key arcade hits that will be downloadable, free of charge, to all owners of the Anniversary Collection. The five freebies include shmups Chopper 1 and Time Soldiers, jungle platformer Fantasy, the I-haven’t-a-clue-what-this-is Sasuke vs Commander, and the really frikkin’ weird “car with giant arms” collect ’em up, Munch Mobile.

Ok, so they’re hardly titles to set the world on fire, but its cool to know that NIS will be dropping free games as time goes on, with a further bundle planned for the future. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection launches on Nintendo Switch November 13, with the first free DLC bundle available December 11.