Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is looking spooky


‘Don’t hold it against us’

Developer Scott Cawthon’s rapid development schedule seems to be on pace for the nextFive Nights at Freddy’s sequel, Sister Location. After announcing the game about a month ago, he’s already released a trailer for it. Surprisingly, it’s kind of doing it for me.

It looks like this one will be a departure from the usual pizzeria, fun-house, locations, taking place in what seems to be some kind of underground facility. While the articulated faces are super creepy, what stood out to me the most in this trailer is a small sequence of first-person crawling through a vent. Is this going to be the first Freddy’s game to let you explore your surroundings? Could be just the thing to break out of the sequel fatigue that held FNaF 4 back.